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Study Session Special: Get ready for exam week!

Last modified on 27-05-2024 12:32
Are you looking to complete that last bit of the semester well? Join this special study session! With your fellow students, you'll learn to work on your tasks in a more focused manner. With a free Syrian mezze dinner for participants on REC!
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13-06-2024 13:00
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13-06-2024 19:00

REC H1.01

For you?

Are you looking to conquer procrastination and approach your exams with confidence? Join this special study session. Under the banner of 'thrive with the hive', you can focus on effective planning and task execution with fellow students. We'll wrap up the day with a free Syrian mezze dinner. This special session is available at 3 locations: Roeterseiland, UB Singel, and online.


  • 13.00 – 13.45 Training by a student counsellor to assist you in making an effective plan
  • 13.45 -  18.30 Guided study session to work on your tasks
  • 18.30 – 19.00 Dining together: free Syrian mezze dinner (for REC participants only)

Why join?

Research shows that thorough planning and effective study techniques produce the best results. The study sessions offer a structured programme with study blocks, breaks and moments of reflection to support your concentration. The hosts are there to support you and help you complete your tasks without procrastination.

Library exam session 

During the exam period, the Library organises daily study sessions where you study together under the guidance of a student host. Good preparation and proper support will help you get the best out of yourself.


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