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Presentation Master's thesis - Lingzi Liu - Developmental Psychology

Last modified on 11-07-2024 11:15
From Aversion to Action: Unraveling the Differential Relationships Between Subcomponents of Disgust and Safe Sex Behavior through Sociosexuality
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16-07-2024 15:00
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16-07-2024 16:00

Roeterseilandcampus - Gebouw L, Straat: Nieuwe Achtergracht 129-B, Ruimte: L0.10

Sexual health amongst emerging adults in the Netherlands calls for attention as research has shown high sexual risk behaviors within this population. Subcomponents of disgust (sexual, pathogen, moral) could be factors related to safe sex behavior through sociosexuality, but current research has yet to explore these different mediating links. Understanding these relationships may offer insights for interventions targeting this population. Using questionnaire responses from a sample of 427 emerging adults (312 females; 115 males) aged 18-29 from the Netherlands, we investigated the mediating effect of sociosexuality on the relationships between different subcomponents of disgust on safe sex behavior. The present study did not find mediating effects through sociosexuality for any of the explored relationships, but we found pathogen disgust to predict safe sex behavior directly. Despite methodological limitations, the current study offers preliminary insights into the relationship between disgust, sociosexuality, and safe sex behavior and gives directions for future research.