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Presentation Master's thesis - Lee Biver - Work & Organisational Psychology

Last modified on 07-06-2024 13:22
The perception of female athletes based on the nature of the gendered sports type and the perceiver’s attitudes towards feminism
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13-06-2024 11:30
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13-06-2024 12:00

Roeterseilandcampus - Building G, Street: Nieuwe Achtergracht 129-b, Room: GS.09

How female athletes are perceived depending on whether they participate in a male- or female-typed sport and whether they suffer from menstrual complaints or other health complaints was studied, using the FWM scale (Fassinger, 1974). Results indicated that there was no significant difference in competence judgement based on whether the athlete participated in boxing, figure skating or tennis. Competence judgements were affected the most for the neutral tennis condition if attitudes towards feminism were low (athletes were rated as less competent).