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Keti Koti dialogue table

Last modified on 30-05-2024 11:28
Join the Keti Koti dialogue table on Wednesday 26 June. Keti Koti means “broken chains” in Sranangtongo and celebrates the abolition of slavery on July 1 1863 in Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles. All students and employees are welcome at this dialogue table to commemorate our shared history of slavery.
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Start date
26-06-2024 18:30
End date
26-06-2024 21:00

Science Park, Main Hall


The Keti Koti dialogue table is a tradition in which we reflect together on dealing with the consequences of the Dutch colonial and slavery past. We do this by sharing personal experiences, emotions and insights with each other in relation to the dialogue theme that has been specifically determined for this meeting: 'from bystander to action’.

During the dialogue, a communal meal is eaten that reminds us of the history of slavery. At the beginning and at the end, rituals are performed that reflect on slavery. Between the conversations, the Fri Yeye choir sings songs of mourning and liberation that were sung on the plantations during slavery. With this dialogue meeting, the Keti Koti Tafel foundation and the University of Amsterdam want to contribute to combating prejudice, discrimination and strengthening mutual empathy and compassion.

In addition, the Keti Koti dialogue table provides a good opportunity to reflect on situations in the world where people are not free and have to deal with racism, discrimination and oppression during their lives. These situations can also evoke strong involvement and reactions on our campus. In that light, we think it is important to discuss bystanders, justice and meaningful activism.

This Keti Koti dialogue table is offered to all employees and students by the Central Diversity Office in collaboration with the Keti Koti Table Foundation. The Keti Koti Table takes place in a broader perspective of facilitated dialogues, including the current Campus Dialogue lunch sessions.