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Guided tour of the Black Archives

Last modified on 05-03-2024 14:08
The Black Archives will provide a guided tour of their archives in the Bijlmer. This is a chance to reflect on the invisibility of black history, the role of black activism and the significance of black archives.
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Start date
19-03-2024 15:45
End date
19-03-2024 18:15

Bijlmerplein 140, 1102 DM Amsterdam

During the tour, we'll explore the impact of racism on society and learn about the importance of black (urban) archives in combating racism and promoting anti-racism. 


  • Welcome and introduction by Central Diversity Officer Machiel Keestra and the Black Archives
  • Guided tour through the Black Archives

If there are enough participants, there's also the option to take a walk through the Bijlmer.