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Celebration of the 392nd Dies Natalis

Last modified on 21-11-2023 16:28
On Thursday, 11 January, we will celebrate the 392nd anniversary of the University of Amsterdam. You are cordially invited to the celebration of the Dies Natalis in the Aula (Singel 411).
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Start date
11-01-2024 15:00
End date
11-01-2024 16:45

Aula, Singel 411



  • Arrival of the academic procession
  • Opening address ‘The language of Science’ by Rector Magnificus Peter Paul Verbeek on the importance of multilingualism at the university, to contribute to both science and society
  • Dies speech ‘Let's put the mouth back in the body' by Egija Zaura (among other things University Research Chair Professor in Oral Microbial Ecology), on recognising that a healthy mouth is an essential foundation for everyone's health
  • Awarding of honorary doctorate to Zeynep TufekciExternal link, professor at Princeton University and columnist for the New York Times and Wired. Tufekci will be awarded the honorary doctorate as a modern public intellectual for her sharp analyses on social movements and social media, among other things.
  • Awarding of honorary doctorare to Folkert Jensma,External link legal editor and commentator at NRC Handelsblad. Jensma will receive the honorary doctorate for his significant journalistic work, in which he ceaselessly draws attention to the rule of law, the quality of everyday legal practice, and the impact this has on those seeking justice.
  • Student association Machiavelli (Bachelor of Political Science) and Bachelor's student Chun Wai Man (Dutch Law) pay tribute to honorary doctorates

You can attend the Dies Natalis at the Aula or online.