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At home on campus? Perspectives on diversity policy and combating racism and contemporary exoticism

Last modified on 06-03-2024 11:05
It's important that everyone feel welcome, at home and respected on campus. But despite efforts to diversify our campus, feelings of isolation or othering remain a reality for many people. During the Week against Racism, the Central Diversity Office is organising an interactive workshop for all students and staff about racism and exoticism.
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Start date
18-03-2024 17:30
End date
18-03-2024 21:00

Oudemanhuispoort D.009

In this workshop, we invite speakers, guests and performers to discuss topics such as racism, modern-day exoticism, and various forms of othering. With their performance, theatre group DEGASTEN will provide a historical context, starting with the phenomenon of human zoos.

Together, we'll examine the effects of these practices and explore the role of education, research, and policies in enhancing a sense of belonging for members of our UvA community. 

The programme is in Dutch. Interpreters will be present to translate from Dutch to English.


  • Welcome and introduction, Machiel Keestra, UvA Central Diversity Officer 
  • Guest speaker Dr Mieke Lopes Cardozo, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
  • Performance by theatre group DEGASTEN. There will be space for reflection and dialogue afterwards.

During the programme we'll make space for participants who want to break their fast.