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Last modified on 11-01-2023 19:27
The Library, in collaboration with VOX-POP, is launching Friends of Filmhouse, a series of events where students discuss social issues and films in a playful way.
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23-01-2023 18:30
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23-01-2023 22:45

VOP-POP, Binnengasthuisstraat 9, 1012 ZA, Amsterdam

Friends of Filmhouse is an event where social issues are discussed in a playful way. The first edition is dedicated to diversity. The Library wants to create a community where everyone can openly express their views. The first edition, on Monday 23 January, will be hosted by Danielle JiskootExternal link, founder of The Drag Agency & TDA Management and New Role Models podcast.

Choose the film

Friends of Filmhouse's events always revolve around a social theme, with this edition diversity. A film of your choice, a game, free snacks and drinks. If you like diversity or are just curious to hear other students' opinions, sign up on the registration form. In the registration form you will be able to choose the film you prefer to see.

The first edition is dedicated to diversity.
The first edition is dedicated to diversity. Image: iStock


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