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Language skills

Information for international students

The UvA provides services to help you gain Dutch language skills or learn another language.

INTT (for international students)

The Institute for Dutch as a Second Language (Instituut voor Nederlands Taalonderwijs en Taaladvies) (INTT) provides Dutch language courses to students from abroad, both intensive summer courses and longer-term courses.

English Language Proficiency Test (IELTS)

You can take an English language proficiency test at the IELTS (International English Language Testing System). The UvA offers an opportunity to take an IELTS test to third-year Bachelor's students, students who are going to study abroad through an UvA exchange as well as Master's students. The test is free of charge. You will need to apply in person at the student desk of Student Services. (Dutch language)

The Taalwinkel is an online consultation point for students and staff of the HvA and UvA. Students can watch short films about presentation techniques, take online language tests or work on their thesis.

Student Language Exchange

The Student Language Exchange (SLE) is an online message board where students can connect with each other to learn or practice languages. Common examples of posts include ‘My Dutch for your German,’ or ‘My English for your Spanish.’ The SLE is a joint project of the International Student Network and the ASCA Student Union.

UvA Talen

UvA Talen is the independent language centre of the University of Amsterdam. We offer language courses, translation  services, interpreting and copywriting services.

The Language Academy

The Language Academy offers academic-quality, online language courses, with a fast learning curve and result-oriented lessons. The Language Academy was developed by UvA Talen, the University of Amsterdam’s independent language center.