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Week of 27-31 May: Exam week proceeds calmly

Published on 31-05-2024 17:00
The highlights of this past week: exam week, Halsema at Room for Discussion, peaceful demonstrations at J/K, and dialogues continue.
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Room for Discussion 

Unfortunately this week's Room for Discussion with Mayor Halsema, who was invited by students, could not proceed as planned on Thursday, 30 May, and was moved to the Stopera (city hall). The reason was that the police and the public prosecutor's office saw significant safety risks if the interview were to be held on the UvA campus. It is disappointing that there were apparently some individuals who wanted to disrupt the debate, but it is good that it was still able to take place in an adapted form at the city hall. The recordings can be watched here (via AT5)External link.

UvA Campus Dialogues Lunch Session

Also on Thursday, the second UvA Campus Dialogues lunch meeting took place. During this meeting, staff and students discussed various issues with each other, such as how we can work on solutions to restore trust.

The next and third session will take place this coming Thursday, 6 June, between 12:00 and 14:00 at VOX-POP. To ensure a safe space, we have to limit the number of participants. Therefore, registration is required: you can do so via this linkExternal link. A free lunch will be provided.

Working group setting up process

A special working group has now started setting up the process to expand existing policies regarding cooperation with third parties. More information on this will follow next week.

Questions and answers

Finally, there are still questions coming in from various sources about the course of the demonstrations and how the UvA has responded. The most frequently asked questions—and their answers—can be found on our Q&A pageExternal link.