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Week 3 - 7 June: Many talks at faculties in a quiet week

Published on 07-06-2024 17:00
This week proceeded relatively calmly, apart from the defacement of the Maagdenhuis on Friday.
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Many discussions are being organised at the faculties, aimed at open dialogue, attentive listening, and answering questions that are on people's minds. Small-scale, peaceful demonstrations took place on campus, and Room for Discussion with outgoing minister Ollongren had to be canceled on the advice of the 'driehoek' (mayor, public prosecutor and police).  

etter from Minister of Education: support for our policy

On Friday, 31 May, the acting Minister of Education, Culture and Science sent a letter to the House of Representatives, which provides support for our policy. The letter provides an update on the safety at universities and colleges in light of the protests concerning the situation in Gaza.

Room for Discussion with Ollongren Cancelled

On Wednesday, 5 June, acting Minister of Defense Kajsa Ollongren was scheduled to be a guest at the student platform Room for Discussion. This event was canceled on the advice of the 'driehoek' (mayor, public prosecutor and police). An alternative meeting is being considered for a later date. Read the full response from the University of Amsterdam here.External link

Peaceful Demonstration at FNWI

On Wednesday, 5 June, a demonstration took place in the hall of the Faculty of Science (FNWI). The faculty leadership engaged in discussions with the demonstrators. On Thursday, 6 June, "UvA Against Complicity Day" was announced, starting at 12:00 at Science Park. However, there was also a polling station at FNWI for the European Elections on Thursday, which meant that demonstrations were not permitted. The group of demonstrating students who did arrive sat outside in the courtyard, ensuring they did not disrupt the voting process.

Roundtable discussions and conversations

The dialogue at the University of Amsterdam continues. Students and staff are engaging in conversations with each other and with the administration. These discussions are also taking place through academic advisors and confidants, in organised group discussions, within departments or team meetings, and through the democratic channels of the university.

Starting on Monday, 10 June, roundtable discussions are planned for all faculties to discuss the supplement to the policy framework on collaboration with third parties. An ad hoc committee has been established, chaired by Yvonne Donders (Professor of International Human Rights and Cultural Diversity at the Faculty of Law), with the task of creating a supplement to the framework.