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UvA opens fund due to humanitarian disaster in Gaza

Published on 16-02-2024 01:00
The war between Israel and Hamas has had a major impact on individual students and employees within our community. There is no educational infrastructure in Gaza anymore. That is why the UvA has set up a fund to provide assistance. The Executive Board will double the amount raised.
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The purpose of the fund is twofold. It is aimed at UvA students from Palestine and Israel who are experiencing mental or financial issues due to the war between Israel and Hamas - because they are experiencing delays in their studies, for example. The fund is also intended for students and academics from Gaza who be given the opportunity to study or work at the UvA as soon as this is possible.

‘Due to the ongoing violence in Gaza, in addition to a humanitarian disaster, an academic disaster is unfolding,’ says UvA Executive Board president Geert ten Dam. ‘It is heartbreaking to see that the inhabitants currently lack everything: clean water, food and a safe roof over their heads. And there are hardly any university buildings left standing in the ruins. This means that thousands of students in the affected areas will not be able to receive education and academics will not be able to conduct research now and in the coming years.’

UvA professor Ihab Saloul is committed to a fund which will provide help from our academic community: ‘It is important that these connections also contribute to knowledge and understanding of war zones.’

You can donate to the fund via IBAN NL56INGB0005030111 under the name of the University of Amsterdam, stating 'academic community support' as reference.

More information on the fund and how to apply will follow shortly.