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Student council elections results 2024

Published on 30-05-2024 17:30
The 2024 Student Council elections are behind us. In total, 7,135 UvA students cast their vote. The Central Electoral Board (CSB) announced the results of the elections on the afternoon of Thursday, May 30. Below you can see the results for the Central Student Council, the Faculty Student Councils and voter turnout.
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Central Student Council

Of the 44,397 students who were eligible to vote, a total of 7,003 voted in the Central Student Council (CSR) elections, a voter turnout of 15.8%. The Activist Party UvA won three seats, becoming the largest party in the CSR.. UvA Sociaal and De Vrije Student both won two seats. Sefa Student Party, INTER, Fuck This Party and Humans Are Made Equal did not get enough votes for a seat in the CSR.

Economics and Business

UvA Sociaal has become the largest party at the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), winning four seats. Sefa Student Party won three seats, De Vrije Student two seats and Partij 020 one seat. 16.1% of the students cast a vote.


At the Faculty of Humanities (FGw), the Activistenpartij UvA won eight seats and De Vrije Student two seats. INTER en UvA Sociaal both won 1 seat. The turnout at the FGw was 15.4%.

Social and Behavioural Sciences

The student council of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FMG) was elected using a system involving subdistricts: Social Science, Psychology and Communication Science.

Subdistrict Social Science

The Activistenpartij UvA won four seats in the Social Science subdistict and UvA Sociaal two seats. The turnout was 21.9%

Subdistrict Psychology

In the Psychology subdistrict, both participating parties gained seats. Partij 020 won two seats and De Vrije Student one seat. The turnout was 16%.

Subdistrict Communication Science

In the Communication subdistrict, UvA Sociaal won three seats. The turnout was 8,8%.

Faculty of Science

At the Faculty of Science (FNWI), three parties participated in the elections: LIEF, Activistenpartij and UvA Sociaal. They all got enough votes for one or more seats. LIEF is the largest party, winning eight seats. The Activist Party UvA won three seats and UvA Social one seat. The turnout percentage was 17.8%.

Faculty Student Council at the Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law also uses a district system. PPLE students could only vote for candidates from the PPLE district.


In law, The Founding Students is the winner of the elections, getting five seats. The Vrije Student won three seats. The turnout was 15.8%.


Within the PPLE district, more than half of the students voted (57.6%). INTER was the winner with two seats. De Activistenpartij UvA and Party 020 each won a seat.

Dentistry (ACTA)

No elections were held in this district. The number of candidates was equal to the number of seats. The candidates were declared elected without a vote.

Medicine & Medical interns

In medicine, the MFAS Bachelor Party won six seats and the MFAS MI Party one seat. The turnout was 18.7%. For medical interns, 5.5% of the students voted. Here, the MFAS Master Party was the only party and automatically received all the seats to be allocated.

€1 to charity for every vote cast

This year, the UvA will donate €1 per vote to Doctors Without Borders. In total, 7,135 students cast a vote for the Central and/or Faculty Student Council. This means that €7,135 has been raised for charity!

View the official results (in Dutch) (pdf)

Central Voting Office decision (in Dutch) (pdf)

Voter turnout per student council compared to last year