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Situation Israel and Palestinian Territories

Published on 17-01-2024
The war between Israel and Hamas unfortunately continues. It also remains a topic of discussion at the UvA. On the campuses, the possibility of organising discussions about the background and context of this complex conflict exists. These discussions can be organised by both staff and students.
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It is crucial that these conversations take place in a manner that feels safe for everyone at the UvA, regardless of their origin, background or beliefs.

As a university, it is our responsibility to analyse the conflict using our scientific expertise and to participate in the public debate through the media. We also provide opportunities for discussion within our own community, through meetings and lectures, for example during teach-ins and dialogue sessions.

Conducting a safe conversation

It is not easy to have a debate when the emotional involvement of the participants is so high. We trust that everyone will help to conduct such conversations in an open, respectful and informed manner. We may disagree with each other but should do so without ignoring or denying the experience and pain others or discriminating against each other.

When organising an event, take the rules, guidelinesExternal link and code of conduct of the UvAExternal link into account and do not forget to submit a request to Facility Services.

The most important house rules and rules of conduct for events

Please find the most important house rules and rules of conduct for events (pdf) in this link. 

The role of the university

In recent weeks and months, we have asked ourselves what the role of the university should be in this complex situation. Our conclusion is that we do not want to take a position. Read why in the letter from the Executive Board and the deans.