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Registration open for the new MSc Quantum Computer Science

Published on 17-06-2024 16:00
We are proud to announce a new master's programme for the next generation of Quantum scientists.
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Quantum Computer Science (QuCS) is a promising new master's programme at the Faculty of Science. You will receive a research-based programme with a strong mathematical foundation. It also draws on the unique expertise in Quantum computing and Quantum information theory present at the Faculty of Science.

What can you expect from this master's? Intended programme director John van Wetering explains:

The first in the Netherlands

The master's degree in Quantum Computer Science will be the first Computer Science programme with a specialisation in Quantum information in the Netherlands. Even worldwide, the master's programme is one of only a small number of programmes in Quantum-related subjects.

Growing need

This 2-year programme meets the growing social need for more and more experts (graduates) with knowledge and skills in Quantum technology.

The University of Amsterdam is ideally placed to design and develop this programme because of its strong connection with QuSoft, the research hub in Quantum technology.

Why Quantum Computer Science at UvA suits you:

  • Unique master: this is one of the few programmes in Quantum-related subjects, which is based on computer science. It is a unique programme focused on research and requires a strong mathematical foundation.
  • Revolutionary field: this master's allows you to contribute to the very active and topical research field that could revolutionise the capabilities of computers.
  • You will study at the Amsterdam Science Park, the environment where excellent education, research and startups come together. The lecturers for this master's are top researchers from the internationally renowned QuSoft Research centre.

Interested in this master's?

Are you completing your Bachelor's degree in, for example, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics or Astronomy this academic year? Then you are most welcome to start this unique new MSc programme in September 2024.