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Recap of roundtable discussion at Economics and Business

Published on 14-06-2024
When a country or region goes to war, it may be necessary to assess existing collaborations with partners based in that area, in the context of these evolving circumstances. In a series of roundtable discussions at all faculties, we will discuss what participants need to weigh international collaborations properly in such a complex context. The third discussion took place at EB on 12 June.
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As in the previous sessions, the contribution of students and staff illustrated their deep engagement and interest to contribute to developing review criteria for international collaborations. In this regard, the students emphasised that it deeply matters to them with which partner universities the UvA and faculties cooperate in exchange programmes. It was also noteworthy that a number of participants brought forward their personal perspectives and dilemmas, which showed courage and at the same time shed a different light on the complexity  of the issues at hand. The session emphasised the importance of showing empathy in finding solutions to this complex issue.

The group of participants consisted of a comprehensive mix of representatives, both students and staff in various roles within the faculty, including student and work councils. The roundtable discussions will continue at the other faculties in the coming weeks.