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‘New style’ University Forum to kick off with discussion evening at De Balie

Published on 14-03-2024 12:00
After months of hard work, the ‘new style’ University Forum is now ready. On 16 April 2024, the revamped forum will be launched with a discussion evening at De Balie. One hundred students, employees, researchers and other representatives of the UvA community have been invited to attend after their names were selected by drawing lots. They will discuss the future of education at the UvA.
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The University Forum was established in 2018 following a recommendation to set up a ‘broad-based deliberative forum’. After an evaluation of the forum’s first few years, it was decided that it would continue in a modified form.

To increase the forum’s reach and impact, its structure has been changed and the number of participants significantly expanded. Over the next 2 years, discussion evenings will be organised twice a year to discuss subjects that are relevant to the broad UvA community.

The subjects to be discussed at the meetings of the University Forum will be determined in collaboration with an independent agenda committee (consisting of the Central Student Council, Central Works Council,  UCO, UOC, and the student assessor etc.). Its members will choose a theme that is relevant to both students and staff.

16 April 2024: discussion evening about the future of education at the UvA

The theme of the first meeting of the new University Forum on 16 April 2024 will be ‘The university as a degree mill’. Following a plenary introduction, participants will split up into small groups to discuss various subtopics related to education at the UvA. One example is critical thinking and the increasing regimentation of university education. The evening will end with a plenary debate about the main points of discussion. At least one Executive Board member will participate in the discussion evening.

The values and direction of the UvA

The aim is for the new University Forum to become a comprehensive event at which the following questions remain key: What are the values that identify the University of Amsterdam? What should our strategic course be? And what does the future of the university as a whole look like?

Attendance at the discussion evening is by invitation only.