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Less Disposable Plastic at the UvA

Published on 04-01-2024
Since September, we have discontinued the use of disposable cups at all UvA locations, encouraging staff and students to use their own reusable cups. This change has been well-received by both staff and students. In the first three months alone, we have saved 870,000 disposable cups at UvA from ending up in the landfill. In 2024 some disposable packaging in the restaurants will also be phased out.
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Positive Responses to Bring Your Own Cup 

Initial evaluations indicate that students and staff are particularly positive about the disappearance of disposable cups at the start of the academic year. There is a great deal of understanding and motivation due to the sustainable goal. More than 80% of staff and nearly 70% of students are satisfied with the absence of disposable cups. Many students already had their own cups, and staff frequently use mugs from the staff pantries. 

Expansion of Single Use Plastics Legislation 

The removal of disposable cups was the first step in adjustments due to the Single Use Plastic legislationExternal link. From 2024, additional regulations apply to packaging materials for food and beverages. Some products will be removed from our restaurants, making way for more sustainable alternatives.