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#Equity #Diversity #Inclusion - EDI Festival 2024

Published on 02-02-2024
In partnership with the University of Birmingham, the UvA is organising the EDI Festival 2024 in February. The event aims to promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion across both universities and beyond. This year's theme is 'Make Change Happen'. Will you join us?
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Virtual sessions and face-to-face events in Birmingham

Spanning an entire month dedicated to sparking transformation, university staff and students share strategies to foster positive change in their communities.

Webinars on 27 February, 7 and 11 March 2024

Learn more about innovating change and empowering local and global communities on 7 February. Participate in an online workshop about embracing diversity in dialogue and navigating sensitive topics in academic communities on 7 March. Help us redefine global education fairs and innovative approaches in promoting global experiences on 11 March.

See the complete programme

You can find the complete programme on the EDI Festival 2024External link website. There you can also register for the webinars.