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Discover the new elective Change Making (18 ECTS)

Published on 23-05-2024 12:00
Would you like to contribute to societal change? Join the new elective Change Making and tackle real-life societal issues. During the course, students and professionals work together to approach social problems involving for example climate change and social inequality.
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During Change Making, bachelor students and professionals collaborate as a “think tank” on a transition issue as co-learners. In the meantime, the course focusses on personal growth. Change Making will be taught once every semester (in blocks 2 and 3 or blocks 5 and 6), with an interchanging theme. The first edition in block 2 and 3 of the coming academic year will focus on 'Co-creating Sustainable Future(s)'. 

Innovative and unique

Change Making is unique in its nature because it uses less traditional forms of learning:   

  • Co-learning: students and professionals from the field really work together, doing so from different disciplinary perspectives and areas of expertise 
  • Collaborative visioning: Change Makers create a shared vision for the future. They do this by using imagination and innovative thinking to break through prevailing systems.  
  • Real-world interventions: Change Makers go beyond theory by implementing small-scale, real-world interventions.   
  • Proactive and successful: Change Makers have the ability to proactively initiate, manage and bring projects to a successful conclusion.   
  • Attention to reflection and personal growth: Change Makers get to know their own drives and abilities.  

Are you excited about this proactive and interdisciplinary way of learning? Would you like to contribute to societal change? Then Change Making is for you! The course is admissible for bachelor students from the faculties on the Roeterseiland: Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, the Faculty of Law, PPLE, and the Faculty of Economics and Business. A maximum of 25 students will be able to join the course. The registration period is June 10 - 17 and will be available through GLASSExternal link

Or read more about Change MakingExternal link