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Adjustments in UvA restaurants due to Single Use Plastics legislation

Published on 01-02-2024
Eliminating the use of disposable cups marked the initial phase of adjustments under the Single-Use Plastic legislation. Starting in 2024, there will be additional rules on plastic packaging materials for food and drinks. UvA restaurants* will switch to alternatives by 1 March at the latest.
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In cases where reusable alternatives are not feasible, sugarcane packaging materials will be used. Smoothies and juices will be available in carafes from now on. As with coffee and tea, you will have to bring your own cup for these too. 

Adjustments in food and drinks on campus

Some products will no longer be available from our restaurants*, either replaced by alternatives or discontinued due to regulations. Unfortunately, we are no longer allowed to sell food and drinks packaged in hard plastic. Consequently, Starbucks iced coffee and some dairy products will no longer be available. However, starting in March, you can scoop cottage cheese and yoghurt from a large communal bowl.

*with the exception of the Grab&Go kiosks, at REC A and Lab42.