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A New Year with Improved Recycling

Published on 12-01-2024
Have you seen the new posters above the bins? From now on, you can quickly see what belongs in each bin. The arrangement of the bins has also been changed slightly to enhance recycling. Are you putting your waste in the right bin?
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Separate Bins for Residual waste and Plastic now

The waste bin for cups and disposable tableware has been replaced by two separate bins for Residual waste and Plastic. We are making this adjustment so we can recycle our waste even more effectively and also because disposable cups are no longer used on campus.

The waste bins at UvA are divided as followed:

1. Organic waste (as before)
2. Residual waste & Cans
3. Plastic & Drink cartons
4. Paper (as before)

Starting from January, metal cans will no longer go into the Plastic bin but into the ‘Residual waste & Cans’ bin. Our waste processor uses magnets to extract the metal from the waste. The ‘Residual waste & Cans’ bin replaces the "Cups and Disposable Tableware" bin because disposable tableware is becoming less common on campus. If you still have a cup or disposable plate for the bin, you can use the "Residual waste & Cans" bin.

Why the Change?

The Single Use Plastics legislation is changing our waste. For example, disposable tableware is becoming less common on campus. Additionally, various samples have shown that the old ‘Plastic + Residual waste’ bin contained a significant amount of organic material, making plastic recycling challenging. With these adjustments in the bins, we hope to recycle waste more effectively and efficiently. But we need your help!

Help us out and make your waste useful!

If everyone throws their waste in the right bin, we can recycle 96% of the waste. To make it easier, we have taken photos of which waste goes in which bin, and these are displayed near the waste bins. Help improve waste recycling at UvA: turn your waste into a valuable resource and toss it in the right bin.