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You can now add your pronouns to Canvas and Microsoft 365

Published on 22-05-2023 13:24
Did you know you can add your preferred pronouns to Canvas and Microsoft 365? Canvas lets you add pronouns he/him, she/her or they/them to your profile. Microsoft 365 allows you to choose any pronouns you prefer.
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By using the option to add your pronouns to Canvas and/or Microsoft 365, you can let other people know your preferences. This can help facilitate inclusive communication among UvA students and staff. Maria uses they/them pronouns and explains why adding your pronouns can be beneficial: ‘We can all wrongly assume someone’s preferred pronouns. While some people will be okay when someone uses the wrong gendered labels for them, others might be really hurt by that for different reasons. Even if your intentions genuinely weren’t to offend, being misgendered can be a painful experience. This pronouns feature is a partial solution to that, by helping people become aware of which pronouns others use.'

Why add my pronouns?

Even if you use pronouns that fit your gender expression and/or identity, it can be useful to add them to Canvas and Microsoft 365. ‘If you do not personally feel like anyone can “get your pronouns wrong”, adding them anyway helps queer people around you from getting singled out for having them added to the system.’, according to Maria. They also think it helps when trying to have a respectful conversation: ‘To me, it’s a form of respect when you address someone how they want to be addressed. We all wish to be called a certain way: you have a name you identify with, and you probably wouldn’t react to being called a different name or would even get upset if people kept calling you by that one name that isn’t yours. The same is true with pronouns. The question isn’t political when it relates to individuals, like fellow students and tutors - it is simply a question of a positive environment.’

How to add your pronouns

Please note: you're not obliged to add pronouns to Canvas or Microsoft 365 if you don’t want to, and you shouldn't put pressure on others to add or mention their pronouns.


  1. Go to your account and click settings
  2. Click the ‘Edit settings’ button
  3. Go to the Pronouns dropdown menu and select your personal pronouns
  4. Click Update Settings. Your personal pronouns now appear in your User Settings

Microsoft 365

  1. Open your browser and go to microsoft365.com
  2. Log in with your UvA account, should this be prompted
  3. Open Teams (found in the navigation menu in the Microsoft365 portal on the left)
  4. Click on your profile at the top right
  5. Click on your name to open your profile card
  6. Then click on '+ Pronouns’
  7. Fill in your preferred pronouns and choose 'Save'