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Vulnerability Microsoft Outlook - Update Required!

Published on 15-03-2023 18:29
Microsoft has identified a critical vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook. The severity of the vulnerability and the risk of it being exploited is high. A malicious person can use it to obtain your username and password.
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Because of this, it is necessary for all Windows users to update their Microsoft Office apps (Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint) with the latest update as soon as possible. This also applies to students and employees of the UvA. 


  • Open Outlook and go to File in the top left corner of the screen
  • Choose 'Office Account' in the bottom left corner in the blue sidebar, click on 'Update Options' and click on 'Update now'.
  • Outlook will indicate that an update will be downloaded. You will be prompted to close any open Microsoft Office apps, this is required for the software to finish installing. Once the update has finished installing, your Microsoft Office apps will be safe again. Follow these steps for all of your Windows devices.

Go to services.uva.nl for updates!External link


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