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Presentation during UvA Pride 2021

University Pride lecture: Creating an AI rainbow code

Published on 04-07-2023 09:53
On Thursday, 3 August, during University Pride, UvA student Jimena Lara will give the lecture ‘Creating an AI rainbow code’ at the Social Hub. In this interview, Jimena gives a preview of her talk.
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‘Artificial intelligence (AI) violence is an interdisciplinary field that combines political sociology, artificial intelligence and gender studies’, Jimena explains. ‘I took a course on AI that specifically covered this type of violence and its effects on socio-economic, race, ethnic and other minorities.’

During her course, she became interested in the social consequences of these algorithms. ‘I’m not against AI, but want to create awareness around its possible downsides by combining knowledge from gender studies and insights into AI violence.’

The binary in algorithms

Jimena’s talk will therefore cover the potential threat AI poses to people who identify as LGBTQIA+: ‘This is mainly because the majority of AI systems work by sorting people into two groups: male or female. The algorithms are programmed with code that reinforces outdated stereotypes and reproduces the social norms we have been trying to change as a society. This makes it harmful to the queer community.’

She continues: ‘I will start my talk by introducing the concept of AI violence and conceptualizing what the study of AI violence implies. We’ll then look at how critical AI studies relates to gender studies. I will also provide an overview of the current progress and most relevant research in the field. In addition, I’ll share some insights into what others in the field of gender studies think about AI and its threats.’

From interest to action

Her talk is an important step for Jimena to contribute to the advancement of the LGBTIQA+ community. Jimena: ‘I have always been interested in activism, but when I moved to Amsterdam two years ago felt that I could turn this interest into action. Coming from Costa Rica where Pride isn’t celebrated like it is here, Amsterdam Pride has been a real inspiration. For me, Pride shows the importance of visibility, awareness, support and empowerment towards the LGBTQIA+ community. That I can contribute to and represent the LGBTIQA+ community with my talk about University Pride about a topic that interests and concerns me, really fills me with joy and pride.’

Attend this and other events

Are you interested in Jimena’s insight and research, and do you want to hear more? Reserve your spotExternal link for her lecture on 3 August or visit the event page for other University Pride events.