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What is your study programme?

Tip: use UvA software for free at apps.uva.nl

Published on 12-04-2023 11:50
If you need specific software like SPSS or Atlas.ti for a course, you can now access it easily by visiting apps.uva.nl on your own computer.
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Apps.uva.nl is the UvA’s virtual ICT workstation. It’s like a UvA computer in the cloud that you can log into with any device. It gives you access to your personal files, apps and software installed on UvA computers, which means you don’t need to buy expensive software.

Go straight to apps.uva.nlExternal link 

Commonly used software

You can use the following software at apps.uva.nl:

  • SPSS: for data analysis and statistical modelling
  • ArcGIS Pro: for the management, processing, analysis and sharing of aerial photos and satellite images
  • Atlas.ti: for qualitative data analysis – designed to help researchers analyse large volumes of unstructured data
  • MatLab: environment for numeric computing, visualisation and programming
  • Power BI: for the collection data from various sources and transforming and visualising them into interactive reports and dashboards

More information and instructions for use

You can access the virtual ICT workstation with all the UvA software directly from your browser (at apps.uva.nlExternal link), but you can also download it onto your device. This can be useful when you need a stable connection or want to establish a link between the workstation and your own storage medium outside of the UvA cloud. You can find instructions for use here.


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