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UvA is a smoke free area

The UvA campus is a smoke-free area: we're counting on you!

Published on 24-08-2023
The UvA wishes to provide all staff and students with a healthy, smoke-free study and work environment. Moreover, smoking is prohibited by law on all school grounds. This means smoking is not permitted anywhere on any of our campuses. This is also indicated on signs, pavement slabs, flags and posters. Do not smoke on campus grounds, and think of the people around you.
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Prohibited by law 

Smoking on school grounds is prohibited by law. The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) monitors compliance with this and will fine the UvA in case of a violation. Such fines can cost us tens of thousands of euros, and we would rather spend that money on your degree programme.

Be friendly to security and smoking coaches 

If you are smoking in a prohibited area, security or a smoking coach will call you to account. If the security guard deems it necessary, they may write down your details. Be friendly to security, do not enter into a discussion and follow their instructions.  

Call each other to account 

If you see someone smoking on campus, kindly ask them to do this somewhere else. We are all responsible for a smoke-free environment. Security and smoking coaches should not have to enforce this rule by themselves.  
Thanks for your cooperation. We're counting on you! 


The no-smoking policy is part of our Rules, regulations and codes of conductExternal link. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the FS Service Desk.


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