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IIS-keuzevakken 1e semester 2023-2024

Take an interdisciplinary elective in the first semester of 2023-2024

Published on 08-05-2023 11:00
The Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies' elective course programme for the first semester of the academic year 2023-2024 is available. A diverse range of boundary-crossing courses that reflect the challenges facing our society today, including 'Food, Animals and the Environment', the winning course of the sustainability edition of the UvA Create a Course Challenge.
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Education at the IIS

Each semester, the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) offers a variety of interdisciplinary electives that are relevant to the challenges facing our society today. This coming semester's programme includes:

The IIS electives are open to multiple audiences: students and staff of all UvA faculties, students of other Dutch educational institutions and other interested parties who can participate as 'contract students'. 

Registration & more information

Registration is open from 19 to 26 June 2023. For UvA Bachelor's students, registration is done via the GLASSExternal link registration rounds. UvA Master's students can send a short motivation to keuzeonderwijs-iis@uva.nlExternal link. Students from other Dutch higher education institutions and contract students can register by completing the online registration form. Please see the information on the IIS websiteExternal link for course-specific options. 


IIS Electives

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