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Submit your vote for a new UvA elective course!

Published on 08-11-2023 09:00
Cast your vote on your favorite course idea and help determine which course idea will be further developed into a brand-new interdisciplinary elective. The winning course will be on the curriculum in the academic year 2024-2025, open to all UvA students.
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What is your study programme?
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After receiving many ideas for a new course, our curriculum developers have selected the 10 most innovative and meaningful ideas. Click here to read which 10 ideas we have selectedExternal link.

Vote for your top 3External link

Nominate your favorite course ideas

All UvA students and staff can vote once on their top three until 15 November. The five ideas with the most votes will proceed to the External linklive finale on Thursday 23 November, where the finalists will pitch their ideas to the jury and the audience. Together with the IIS, the winner will develop their idea into an interdisciplinary elective course that will be open to students from all UvA faculties in the coming academic year.