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EB students work on diversity and inclusion projects

Published on 15-11-2023
Since September this year, several EB students have been working on student-led diversity and inclusion projects. They were given the opportunity to propose and work out their own ideas to help achieve the diversity and inclusion values at Economics and Business (EB). We spoke with Ayush (18), Aliza (19), and Giulia (20) about their projects and why they chose this topic.
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Ayush Mudunuru

Ayush Mudunuru (18), Bachelor Business Analytics

‘My team and I are currently working on developing a matching algorithm. The goal is to use that algorithm to match international and Dutch students, so they can undertake activities together. This is a way to facilitate interaction between these groups.'

'We chose this topic because we believe it can help both international and Dutch students find their place and feel more at home at the UvA. We hope this will help bridge the gap between Dutch and international students.’

Aliza Nyah Kaligis

Aliza Nyah Kaligis (19), Bachelor Business Administration

‘The project I’m working on is focuses on Dutch students with a multi-ethnic background. It also delves into how prospective Dutch students with a multi-ethnic background view the UvA and the Economics and Business faculty.’

‘Diversity research mainly focuses on international students. That’s why I wanted to do more research involving this specific group of students.’

Giulia Prischich

Giulia Prischich (20), Bachelor Business Administration

‘My research is about ethnicity and culture. It’s about educating people on the differences between culture and ethnicity and encouraging them to not make assumptions on someone's values based on that person’s appearance.’

‘I was interested in doing a diversity project because of my personal experience. I grew up in a quite ethnically homogeneous area and had people bother me for being multiracial. I don’t recall my schools in Italy ever really caring about promoting diversity or inclusion. That’s why I think it’s very meaningful that the UvA provides the possibility to do research on this topic. I’m glad that we’ve been given the opportunity to work on our own ideas.’

EB Diversity Committee

The student-led diversity and inclusion projects are an initiative of the EB Diversity Committee. The committee functions as a sounding board and can propose initiatives as well as give advice on diversity. All students will present their findings at the closing event on 24 January 2024. This event will be open to public.