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Structurally embedding diversity policy

Published on 13-04-2023 13:43
With the establishment of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) programme team, in which policy departments of the central Executive Staff and the Central Diversity Office will jointly develop initiatives and new policy, the Executive Board is giving a new boost to the UvA’s diversity policy. The Diversity Policy Document adopted in 2019 will be updated.
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DEI programme team

The DEI programme team will be permanently involved in the UvA’s policy-making process. The programme team includes representatives from the Central Diversity Office (CDO) and policy departments such as HRM and Academic Affairs. The total capacity of the DEI programme team will be permanently increased by adding three policy officers.

The CDO team will continue to operate as an independent driving force in the area of diversity and inclusion. By participating in the programme team, the CDO will be able to focus more effectively on gathering and linking up DEI initiatives.

Updating Diversity Policy Document

The current Diversity Policy Document was adopted in 2019 after consultation with the university community and the representative advisory bodies. An interim evaluation of the Diversity Policy Document was conducted two years ago. After four years, there is a widely felt need to update it. This will involve determining the following:

  • which objectives have been achieved or are being addressed, and what still needs to be set in motion or requires extra attention;
  • which elements of the Diversity Policy Document could be expanded;
  • which initiatives have been effective in contributing to diversity and inclusion.

It is expected that a report will be drawn up before the summer of 2023, which will then be used for the further development of the policy. This task will be taken up by the new DEI programme team.