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A workshop by Gelijkspel

Starting academic year 2023-2024: workshops on sex in student life

Published on 04-07-2023
How do we want to treat each other when it comes to sex? This question takes centre stage in the workshops organised by the GELIJKSPEL (Fair Play) Foundation. During the workshop, students engage in conversations about how they do want to interact with each other when it comes to sex. We will discuss topics such as checking preferences and boundaries, the pressure to 'score' and sexual pleasure.
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Together with GELIJKSPEL, the UvA will offer 20 workshops from September to December. The workshops are aimed at groups of 30 - 150 students. The duration of the workshop is approximately 75 minutes.

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Please contact Arjen Berkvens, coordinating confidential adviser, via a.berkvens@uva.nlExternal link. For more information about the workshops, you can also visit the GELIJKSPEL website at www.gelijkspel.orgExternal link.