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Blue line with text "Smoke-free"

Smoke-free lines on Roeterseiland Campus

Published on 03-10-2023
Smoking isn't allowed on campus grounds but often it's unclear where the campus starts and ends. Starting 15 September, that problem's solved for the Roeterseiland Campus.
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In addition to posters, flags and paving stones, there's now a thick blue line on the street indicating where the smoke-free zones begin and end. Additional smoke-free sidewalk tiles have also been installed and some old smoke-free sidewalk tiles have been renewed. The new lines are already making a change. We are seeing better compliance with the smoking ban. 

This is the first UvA location where smoke-free lines have been installed. Other UvA locations will follow soon.   

Together we will keep the campus smoke-free. We are counting on you!