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Response to protest at Roeterseiland campus

Published on 23-10-2023
A pro-Palestinian protest was held in the hall of Building A on the Roeterseiland campus on Friday afternoon.
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This happened despite the fact that this demonstration had been cancelled by the initiators earlier today. This was in view of the safety of all students and staff at the UvA and to provide space for education to proceed on campus. Moreover, political demonstrations are not allowed on campus according to UvA's house rules.External link

The demonstrators left on their own accord after some time. Nevertheless, the UvA received several reports during the demonstration that people did not feel safe. We deeply regret this. Students and staff can contact a special phone number (020 525 6260) if they do not feel safe.

We understand the need to be able to speak at the UvA about the horrible events in the Palestinian territories and Israel. There is space on our campuses to have conversations with each other about the background and context complex conflict. These conversations can be organised by employees and/or students. In addition, later this week a meeting is being organised by the Central Diversity Office, among others, for those wishing to share personal experiences or seek support. Later this week we will post further information about this meeting and how you can organise a meeting yourself.

We once again ask the academic community - our students and employees - to continue to connect with each other in these difficult times, with attention and respect for each other's feelings and emotions.