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Response to climate action at the UvA

Published on 16-01-2023 18:44
Climate activists from UvA Rebellion, among others, are protesting at the UvA today. The group is demanding that the UvA end its collaboration with Shell. The activists have broken into the former Academic Club and are occupying the UvA building.
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The UvA's Executive Board shares their concerns about the climate and understands the group's motives for drawing attention to this. Jan Lintsen, Vice-President of the Executive Board, said: 'Peaceful protest to draw attention to concerns about the environment are understandable. I worry about it myself. And protesting and demonstrating are allowed, even within the walls of the University, but occupying buildings is never allowed. We will talk to the activists as soon as possible.’

The UvA does not promote the use of fossil fuels and does not conduct research into fossil fuels. In a letter in response to a petition, an extensive explanation was given about collaboration with other universities and partners on ways to accelerate the transition to other sources of energy. Collaboration with external parties is always on our terms and academic freedom, independence and integrity must never be compromised. Read the letter hereExternal link.

Geert ten Dam, President of the Executive Board: 'As a public institution, we have to set the example, which is why we have been working for years on making our operational management and buildings more sustainable. We also want to contribute through our research to an accelerated energy transition. This also determines our standards framework in which we measure each (new) collaboration against a strict yardstick: does this contribute to a sustainable future?’

Any updates will be posted on uva.nlExternal link.