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Ping! The My UvA app has been revamped

Published on 15-11-2023
The My UvA app has undergone a complete makeover. The iPhone and Android app now sport the same look as student.uva.nl. You'll need to log in less frequently, and you'll receive push notifications about your timetable and grades.
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Download the app on your iPhone through the Apple App StoreExternal link and on Android through the Play StoreExternal link. If you already have the app, you can upgrade it to the latest version. The app is also available on tablets and laptops through the app store or by installing the app via your browser.

Screenshot van een push notificatie in de Mijn UvA app
Ontvang push notificaties over roosterwijzigingen

With the revamped app, you have all UvA matters at your fingertips on your home screen, requiring less frequent logins than on the website. You can also enable push notifications, receiving alerts for last-minute schedule changes and new grades. This way, you'll never find yourself in the wrong lecture hall, and the constant refreshing in SIS until your new study result is available will be a thing of the past.

Further development of the My UvA appExternal link Research among students revealed that the My UvA app was appreciated for its timetable and push notifications. However, the app was no longer being developed, leading to outdated appearance and technology. The student.uva.nl team has completely rebuilt the app. Now, the app functions the same as the website and will be worked on all the time.

These improvements are part of the UvA's digital agendaExternal link. Based on this digitisation strategy, we're constantly working on improving all digital services to make things easier for you. 

Do you have questions or comments about the new functionality? Please contact the ICT Service Desk.


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