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Part-time or summer job? Check if you can get money back from the Dutch tax authority!

Published on 29-03-2023 15:27
Have you held a part-time job or summer job in the Netherlands? And did your employer pay income taxes on your behalf? You might be able to get part of the paid taxes back if you file an income tax return. Do so before April 1 and the money will be in your bank account before July 1.
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You can file a tax return for any of the last 5 years. File a return for every year you had a part-time job and send it in. Doing so could result in a refund of a few hundred euros.

Do you want to learn how to file an income tax return? Or do you want to make sure you pay the right amount of taxes? Check out belastingdienst.nl/jongerenExternal link. (Please note: these pages are in Dutch.) To file a tax return for previous years, go to belastingdienst.nl/jongerenExternal link to the online declaration program 'Mijn Belastingdienst'.

The Dutch tax return period runs from 1 March to 1 May. If you file your tax returns annually before 1 April, the money will be in your bank account before 1 July. You can also do it after 1 April; the money will usually be put into your bank account within 3 months.

Need help filing your income tax return?

The information and tools to file an income tax return are available in Dutch. If you have a limited understanding of the Dutch language, it might be helpful to ask a friend to help you out. Of course, you can also get help through the Tax Information Line: 0800 – 0543. If you want to visit a tax office or support centre, you can make an appointmentExternal link. For general questions, you can also reach out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.