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Overview of all-gender toilets

Published on 23-10-2023 16:10
On this site you can now find an overview of all-gender toilets on UvA campuses. In this way we hope to make the toilets easier to find and recognise.
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The all-gender toilets can be used by everyone, regardless of how you identify or describe yourself. 

Based on your opinions

A survey among students and staff in the UvA panel revealed that most of them didn't know where the all-gender toilets were located. This can be a barrier to using these facilities. 

In the survey, the participants were also asked which logo they preferred for the all-gender toilet door signs. A large majority chose a logo with a toilet bowl, because they felt it was clear and neutral. This logo will be used in the University Quarter starting in the 2023-2024 academic year.

Facilities for everyone

The introduction of all-gender toilets doesn't mean that separate men’s and women’s toilets will disappear. Separate toilets will remain available on all campuses for people who wish to use them.

Adding all-gender toilets at all UvA locations is an important step to which many student and staff associations and organisations contributed. Together with these parties, we'll continue to work to build a university that is as accessible and inclusive as possible.

Locations of all-gender toilets

You can find an up-to-date location overview on the page all-gender toilets.