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Open wifi will disappear 1 August

Published on 11-07-2023 14:30
As of August 1, the network 'UvA open wifi' will no longer be offered at all UvA locations, except for Science Park.
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This network was created 6 years ago to provide visitors and guests with easy access to the Internet. Since then, many students also use open Wi-Fi, despite the fact that there are two faster and safer alternatives. Meanwhile, the world has changed a lot and it is no longer appropriate to offer an open Wi-Fi network, which is why we will no longer offer it as of 1 August.

How to get an Internet connection

You can make use of the wireless networks 'uva' and 'eduroam'. To do this you need to have the right settings and to be able to retrieve them you need to have an internet connection. Until 1 August, you can still use UvA open Wi-Fi for this purpose. After that, it is easiest to do this at home, as you already have an Internet connection there.

Follow these steps once:

  1. Make sure you have an Internet connection.
  2. Go to https://wifiportal.uva.nl/External link.
  3. Read the page carefully and follow the instructions step by step.
  4. Enter (when prompted) your UvAnetID followed by @uva.nl, check that the correct operating system is selected and click 'Join Now'.
  5. The appropriate settings will be downloaded. Here you will be asked for the password of your UvAnetID.

You can now connect to the faster and more secure wireless networks 'uva' or 'eduroam'. Furthermore, you can now access the Internet quickly and securely at all institutions worldwide that support eduroam.