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New rules for single-use plastics

Published on 21-06-2023
You may have already seen the news: new legislation on single-use plastics (SUP) is set to come into force on 1 July. From 1 July you will have to pay an additional charge for any disposable cups or containers at take-away locations. From 1 January 2024, all single-use products that contain plastics, such as coffee cups, will be banned entirely for on-site consumption.
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No changes at UvA on 1 July 

UvA canteens, espresso bars and restaurants are considered venues where ‘on-site consumption’ takes place, which is why, in principle, there will be no changes for us from 1 July . However, there will be changes from 1 January 2024, when the ban on all single-use plastics comes in. Naturally, we will not be sitting around waiting until then. 

Over the past year, the UvA has carried out various tests with reusable cups. A decision on the approach for after summer will be taken soon based on the various tests. We will be starting out the new academic year with the best and most sustainable alternative to the disposable cup.

Bring your own cup – what a great idea! 

Every year in the Netherlands, we throw away some 3 billion coffee cups. They only last an average of 10 minutes before ending up in the bin or as litter. In addition, these cardboard coffee cups contain a layer of plastic that does not break down in nature.  

Fortunately, many students and staff are already in the habit of carrying around their own reusable cup in their bags. If you don’t yet, then why not make a sustainable contribution by bringing your own cup from now on?