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New interdisciplinary magazine 'Inter Magazine'

Published on 07-02-2023 16:42
With interdisciplinary articles, written by young critical thinkers and budding scientists, 'Inter Magazine' hopes to spark curiosity and provide a unique, interdisciplinary perspective on topics relevant to all. Last week, the first edition on 'Platformisation' was released, and the revised website was launched.
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The interdisciplinary magazine Blind!, which existed from 2004 to 2020 and was one of the first interdisciplinary magazines of its kind, has thus been revived. The magazine will be published in English from now on, and it also collaborates with young artists who accompany the articles with original illustrations.

Run by students of the University of Amsterdam and supported by the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, Inter Magazine brings together students and researchers from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. The editorial team consists of students from various interdisciplinary degree programmes and an editorial board with scientists from different fields advises the editorial team on content. Similar to a paper magazine, people can subscribe, by subscribing to the newsletter.


The theme of the first edition is platformisation, a phenomenon that is increasingly influencing social and public life through the rise of online platforms often deployed strategically by for-profit organisations. The website now features four articles highlighting different aspects of this phenomenon:

"From newspapers to educational systems, from supermarkets to financial aid, from political engagement to love and friendship: public and private life in the modern day is influenced and transformed by the rise of globally used internet platforms, usually owned and run by for-profit corporations. Reflecting on our own role as an online magazine, this edition of Inter Magazine explores some of the most intriguing questions surrounding the phenomenon of platformisation:

How does our perception of news change when we only read them online instead of having the paper delivered to our doorstep? What is the concept of platform capitalism and how does it interact with digital social spaces, such as educational online platforms? How is political discourse enabled and limited on social media platforms? And, since nothing is everlasting, why do platforms die?"

You can read the first edition at www.ziedaar.nlExternal link