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New coffee in the coffee machines

Published on 07-06-2023 09:00
Within the coming weeks, a new coffee blend will be available in the UvA coffee machines! As soon as the old stock runs out, the vending machines are filled with this new mix of coffee beans.
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The old coffee has been less appreciated by many students and employees in recent months. Especially the more sour taste of the coffee was given as feedback. That is why the coffee supplier Maas, together with the UvA, started looking for a different and more accessible taste of coffee for all students and employees. Quite a job, because of course, tastes differ. 

During several tasting rounds, the flavour of the blend was slightly adjusted each time, after which the best flavor profile was eventually created. This new coffee blend was chosen by (certified) coffee experts as the most accessible and best alternative to the current coffee.

What's the difference?

The new coffee is sweeter and fuller, has more chocolate notes and is less fruity and sour. As before, the new beans come exclusively from Ethiopia from the Anderacha area where they are also roasted and packaged. As a result, almost the entire value chain remains in Ethiopia instead of Western Europe and the coffee farmer receives a good and fair price for it.  

Taste for yourself!

When the new coffee is available in the coffee machine at your location depends on the stock of old coffee beans. But this will at least happen within a few weeks. On the coffee machine it is indicated with a sticker whether the new coffee is already in it. We are organising a trial session at a number of locations. You can then taste the new coffee for free, get more information about the new coffee blend and taste the old coffee again to compare. 

Tasting sessions will take place on Tuesday 4th July:

- From 09:00 to 12:00 in the restaurant of the Science Park 904
- From 13:00 to 16:00 in the restaurant of Roeterseilandcampus (REC H)

sticker new coffee
Look out for this sticker on the coffee machine, then you will know if the new coffee is already in the vending machine.