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Milo Cornelissen wins UvA Thesis Prize 2023

Published on 03-07-2023 17:15
Milo received the prize for his thesis 'Incorporation of Directional and Quinone-Functionalised Macrocycles in Covalently Synthesised Rotaxanes.'
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This Master's thesis describes new methods for creating a unique type of entangled molecules called rotaxanes. The jury was very impressed by the pioneering work of this exceptional student and praised his fundamental research, fundamental research with potential impact on energy supply/green hydrogen.

Jury chairman for the UvA thesis prize 2023 Hans Romijn, Dean Faculty of Dentistry, presented the UvA thesis prizes. Abdelkader Benali presented the festive ceremony at SPUI 25.

About the UvA thesis prize

Every year, many talented students compete for the thesis prize. The faculty reading committees choose the faculty winners. From the 7 finalists, the jury, consisting of the deans of the faculties, chooses the final winner. This winner receives Euro 3,000 and the other (faculty) winners receive Euro 1,000 each. 

Read the interview with Milo Cornelissen (in Dutch)External link