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Independent review of UvA diversity policy

Published on 17-11-2023
An independent agency has assessed the UvA's diversity policy. The agency finds that the university has set up well-functioning programmes in recent years, and that diversity is increasingly alive at UvA. But, the report also suggests improvements. Therefore, the Executive Board (CvB) is having the Diversity Document updated.
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Since 2019, the Diversity Document is the basis for making and implementing plans to improve diversity and inclusion (D&I) within the university. In recent years, a lot has happened in the world and at the university. Therefore, the Executive Board asked an independent agency to examine whether the Diversity Document is still up-to-date.

Results of review

The report ‘Staying the Course (pdf)' states that, among other things, the support of first-generation students and students with a migration backgroundExternal link and investments in social safetyExternal link already contribute to a greater understanding of diversity within the university. But the report also points out areas of improvement:

  •  Monitoring diversity and inclusion
  • Adding clear goals to existing programmes
  • Supporting communities such as UvA PrideExternal link, UvA IDEAs, and other networks within the university

Adding to current policy

The Executive Board will be following the report's advice to continue working on the goals set out in the Diversity Document, but wants to add to the policy as well. In doing so, it is important that stakeholders such as the Central Student Council, can give their opinions. To take enough time to do so, the plan is to publish the policy with additions in summer 2024.

Ambitions for 2023 / 2024

In addition to continuing to work on existing programmes and complementing the diversity policy, the UvA has the following ambitions for the academic year 2023 / 2024:

  • Supporting students with disabilities
  • Measuring and monitoring diversity, inclusion, and equality (DEI)
  • Facilitating grassroots networks and supporting students who are dedicated to DEI at UvA

More information about diversity and inclusion

You can find more information about the policy and recent developments on the diversity and inclusion page.