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What is your study programme?

How healthy are you? Do the check and receive feedback!

Published on 06-06-2023
Mid-spring towards summer, it doesn't hurt to think about your health. Do you still have enough energy to successfully complete this academic year? Test your health on www.studenthealthcheck.nl and receive instant personal customized feedback, including tips and references.
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What is your study programme?

Green, orange or red

At studenthealthcheck.nlExternal link you can monitor your health, lifestyle and quality of life, including study problems. These areas are connected to traffic lights:

  • a red signal when a problem seems to manifest itself
  • green when everything is OK
  • and an amber light when a problem can emerge

The possible sources of information and services will then be provided for your specific situation.

Early identification of health problems

This approach responds to the need of students to be able to (initially) solve problems on their own and anonymously. The Student Health Check is offered to students at least once a year. This allows early identification of health problems to prevent worsening of complaints. The Student Health Check is an initiative of the Student Physicians of the UvA.

Do you have a general practitioner?

Register with the student practiceExternal link if you do not yet have a general practitioner in Amsterdam.