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Dave van Wijk is the new Faculty of Science student assessor

Published on 30-03-2023 11:59
Bachelor's student Computer Science Dave van Wijk has been appointed student assessor of the Faculty of Science. In doing so, he succeeds Björn Out. “I would like the student assessor to have a good relationship with all the study associations. They have a unique vision and the knowledge of what is currently going on with their students, which I can put to good use in giving advice,” he says.
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Portret student assessor Dave van Wijk
Dave van Wijk

The position of student assessor is intended to provide solicited and unsolicited advice to the dean of the faculty. The assessor attends weekly board meetings with the management team and puts student-related issues on the agenda.

Student's perspective

The first month for Dave was mainly dedicated to getting oriented to his new role: “I have been meeting a lot of people I am going to work with and getting used to the day-to-day operations I will perform in the coming months. I will also seek contact with different groups of people to get a better understanding of specific issues that might be at play currently at our faculty.” 

As a student assessor, you are involved in everything that concerns students at the faculty. By doing so, the student assessor fulfils an important role. Dave explains: “I am always up to date on the issues the faculty is currently facing, and the new plans being made. A lot of these matters have a direct influence on the students, so it makes sense that there is a student present that can offer a different perspective and insights.”

Busy schedule

Dave is a Bachelor's student Computer Science, member of his study association and enjoys many different hobbies: “I like to keep myself busy and have a lot of different hobbies like coding and graphic design, and I also help with organizing events in my study association. This results in quite a busy schedule, but so far a good calendar app and to-do lists have worked wonders for combining all these things!”

For Dave, this position has not come completely out of the blue: “I have always been super enthusiastic about improving the schools I am studying at, as well as having an interest in how these operate behind the scenes. In high school, for example, I was managing the student council and also took part in the participation council. Naturally, I had to stop doing this when starting university. But I was thrilled to see a job opening where I can put my enthusiasm and skills to good use, and applied right away!”

If you want to bring something to Dave's attention, you can email him at studentassessor-fnwi@uva.nlExternal link