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Contribute to better recycling at the UvA

Published on 22-05-2023 09:00
At the UvA, we’ve already made considerable headway with separating waste. We currently use four different bins. The waste from these bins is collected separately and recycled into new raw materials and products. This way, we can recycle more than 70% of our waste. However, there’s always room for improvement. We need your help with this!
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Help us by putting your waste in the right bin 

This week is the Week without Waste: a great moment to remind ourselves how we go about separating waste at the UvA. If everyone puts their waste in the right bin, we should be able to recycle a massive 96% of waste. On the other hand, if plastic waste ends up in the organic waste bin, the whole batch may be rejected because it’s no longer suitable for recycling. What a waste! 

What goes where? Each bin comes with a description of what goes in it. You can find a complete list of what goes in each bin here (pdf). Help us to achieve better waste recycling at the UvA. Turn your waste into a valuable raw material by putting it in the right bin. 

Would you like to find out more about separating waste at the UvA? 

Click here to read what we turn your waste into and how we do itExternal link


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