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Bye-bye disposable cups!

Published on 04-07-2023
It's time to say goodbye to disposable cups at both the UvA. Starting this academic year, disposable cups will be a thing of the past. In preparation for the Single-Use Plastic legislation that comes into force on 1 January 2024, after the summer holidays the UvA will stop using disposable cups.
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From then on, you will need to drink your coffee, tea or hot chocolate from a reusable cup – one that you bring yourself from home. That's the most sustainable option, and so of course that's what we'll be doing. If you do forget your cup once, there is always a sustainable alternative for a fee at the restaurants and espresso bars.

Many staff and students already bring their own cup from home. If you have not done so yet, best get used to the idea and start bringing your own cup!

Free UvA cup for students

During the first week of the academic year, the UvA will be giving away some free reusable cups. These can be collected from special stands at various UvA locations upon presentation of your student ID card. Details on exactly when and where the cups can be collected will be available after the summer holiday.

UvA strategy

Every year in the Netherlands, we throw away some 3 billion coffee cups. They only last an average of 10 minutes before ending up in the bin or as litter. Not only that, but cardboard coffee cups contain a layer of plastic that does not biodegrade naturally. 

Last year, UvA staff and students trialled a variety of different methods and cups. Cups brought from home combined with a deposit-cup system proved to be the most sustainable and user-friendly option. 

New regulations for disposable plastics

On 1 July, take-away locations will start charging for disposable cups or containers. But not at the UvA, since consumption in principle takes place on-site. On 1 January 2024, all disposable products containing plastics – such as coffee cups – will be banned completely from canteens, offices and restaurants. At the UvA, however, the ban will already come into force at the start of the new academic year. A great way to eliminate lots of unnecessary plastic waste together!