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2023 student council elections results

Published on 23-05-2023 18:52
The Student Council Elections 2023 are behind us. On Monday, 22 May, the Central Voting Office (CSB) announced the election results. A whopping 16% of UvA students have cast a vote. The highest turnout since 2014!
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Central Student Council

Of the 42,910 students who were eligible to vote, a total of 6,941 voted in the Central Student Council (CSR) elections, a voter turnout of 16.2%. The Activist Party UvA and UvASociaal both receive two seats. De Vrije Student, 020 en Sefa Student Party receive one seat. INTER and EnCore did not get enough votes for a seat in the CSR.

€1 to charity for every vote cast

This year, the UvA will donate €1 per vote to KWF Dutch Cancer Society. In total, 7,397 students have cast a vote for the Central and/or Faculty Student Council. This means that €7,397 has been raised for KWF!

Voter turnout per student council