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Welcome01! It's Check your Passwords Day

Published on 23-11-2022 13:58
November 24 is National Check Your Passwords Day. How do you handle your passwords? Of course you regularly change your UvA password via the ICTS Servicedesk's reminder email. But do you do the same with the passwords for your private apps and accounts? Once inside, a smart cybercriminal can access almost anything, especially if you use the same passwords a lot...
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Many passwords are easily cracked

Half a millisecond. That's how long, on average, it takes a cybercriminal to crack passwords like '123456' or 'password'. Passwords with dictionary words or dates of birth are almost as easy to guess. Make it extra difficult for the 123456Cracker. Use random punctuation, capital letters and numbers in your passwords.

A strong password is no guarantee, by the way. If your password gets stolen via a successful cyberattack, what matters is not only the strength of your password but whether you use it for multiple accounts. Be sure to set a different, strong password for all of your accounts. Then a cybercriminal won't be able to access everything at once....

Young people more likely to be victims of cybercrime

The Central Bureau of Statistics' Cybersecurity Monitor shows that a total of 17% of the Dutch population aged 15 and over reported being victims of cybercrime in 2021. Young people were more likely to be victims than older people. A strong password doesn't stop everything, but it certainly helps.


  1.     Use a strong passphrase instead of a password
  2.     Use a password manager
  3.     Set up two-step verification
  4.     Change your passwords regularly

Read our tips for creating a secure password.

On the website security.org you can check the strength of your passwordExternal link.